Parking Lot Events

FRONT LOT: 110,000 Sq Feet
BACK LOT: 290,000 Sq Feet

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Outdoor Event Space

FRONT LOT: 110,000 Sq Feet
BACK LOT: 290,000 Sq Feet
Our parking lot is a great location to host your next festival, car show, or sporting event.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy
A deposit of 50% of the agreed sales minimum must be received, along with a signed private events contract, to secure the space, date and time. Please be advised that the event will not be confirmed until deposit and signed contract are received. Additional fees will apply to cancelled events.

A guaranteed number of guests is necessary in order to reserve space for event. A tentative guest count is due within 5 days prior to event and final guarantee, no less than 80% of original guest count, is due 48 hours before the contracted start date of the event.

Sales Minimum
Each space and venue has an assigned food and beverage minimum. The minimum is based on the amount of revenue generated in the room(s) when used for general day to day operations. The food and beverage minimum required is exclusive of tax and service gratuity.