Sad Summer Packs a Punch at Gas Monkey Live!

     With Sad Summer fest just around the corner, the time to prepare to scream every word front row is running low and there’s a full lineup of bands to obsess over before July 5 at Gas Monkey Live.

     Despite Forever the Sickest Kids’ lull in releasing music, having a social media presence, or doing anything notable for the past couple of years, the band is refreshed and more ready than ever to put on a one of a kind show that is not worth missing. FTSK has refrained from posting to their Instagram account since mid-2017 and their Twitter posts are infrequent and short, which always leaves their fans guessing and waiting for their next move.

     The group has not gone on a full tour since 2013 Warped Tour shows, save a few scattered Texas dates in 2017. With the Dallas and Houston shows being the only two of the Sad Summer dates that the band is featured on, their set is sure to be a rare experience, especially since the band has yet to announce any shows for after July 6.

      Although Forever the Sickest Kids’ discography may all date back to 2013 and years prior, the music didn’t lose quality over time and contains some monumental pop-punk albums that define the era.

     Though a new album, song, or tour is expected after the band’s long hiatus and short resurgence, FTSK has yet to make anything official. So, it’s best to simply pick up those tickets and prepare for a day you won’t regret a single second of.

     With Just Friends’ newest release of their sophomore album, Nothing But Love, which transcended any genre or past works the band has put out, just behind them, they are ready to hit the Sad Summer stage with some relatively new music to play. This is not Just Friends’ first time playing with several of the bands also on the Sad Summer lineup, as they have previously toured with Mayday Parade, State Champs, and Mom Jeans.

     The Oakland-based band with over eight members is returning to Dallas for the first time after their three month long tour with Mom Jeans in September of last year. The group recently signed to Pure Noise records before releasing their latest album.

     Just Friends’ music is a blend of several different styles blending alternative rock with ska, punk, and about a hundred other sounds that no one can quite put their finger on. Regardless of whatever labels critics and fans alike want to put on their sound, they are not necessary to come to the conclusion that Just Friends makes quality, light-hearted music that is for everyone.

     Mom Jeans is an emo rock band originating from Berkley, California. With two full-length albums and a galore of different EPs and singles, they have a lot in store for Sad Summer.

     Their two full-length albums, Puppy Love and Best Buds, both came out on July 3 of 2016 and 2018, leaving Mom Jeans’ fans wondering if there is more in store this upcoming month, if they’ll have to wait a whole other year for new music, or if there will be some surprises along the way. Though Mom Jeans undoubtedly has a definitive tone that rings throughout the majority of their songs, they still manage to keep listeners begging for more with their infectious guitar riffs, cripplingly depressing but overly relatable lyricism, and lovable band members.

     Mom Jeans has been signed with Counter Intuitive Records since 2017. The band originally formed in 2014 under Fourth Row Records but made the switch with the release of their EP NOW That’s What I Call Music Vol. 420.

     Regardless of whether you’ve heard of Mom Jeans before or not, they’re a staple in new indie, emo rock music worth giving a try and are sure to put on a good show. To get a taste, check out their Audiotree Live album and catch them at Sad Summer.

     Stand Atlantic originated from Sydney, Australia and formed in 2014. The four-piece band has released multiple singles, one full-length album, as well as an EP in the past five years.

     The band has recently teamed up with singer Alex Lahey on their song “Skinny Dipping” and are donating all of the proceeds to LGBTQ+ charity, It Gets Better, for pride month. This track stands as an anthem for the entirety of the Skinny Dipping album, as it was the last single released before the drop of their album. Lead singer Bonnie Fraser belts out lyrics “It’s like skinny dipping in my jeans / You get wet, but you don’t get clean,” symbolizing the unexpected outcome and end of her ended relationship.

     Stand Atlantic’s music fits like a puzzle piece into the rest of the music from surrounding rock genres. With each release, the band is growing and slightly shifting their style towards something that is not often heard of in the mid-2000s punk style that the band tends to gravitate towards with a modern spin that boosts their success.

     The Dallas-based band Oh, Weatherly is no stranger to the pop-punk scene or even touring with some of the bands on this lineup. If you’ve been to enough punky shows around DFW, you’ve undeniably seen these guys open up for your favorites or at least heard their name echoed throughout the venue.

     The group has only been around since early 2015, kicking off their music career with a bang with their album Long Nights and Heavy Hearts. Since then, the band has put out another full-length album in 2018, Lips Like Oxygen. Both of these albums are filled with catchy, versatile songs that are sure to be rattling around your head far after the tracks are over.

     Oh, Weatherly will only be featured on the Dallas and Houston dates of Sad Summer, just like Forever the Sickest Kids, making the first date of this tour a one of a kind experience that you shouldn’t miss out on.
      With this packed of a lineup, there’s no doubt that Sad Summer will be a festival to remember. To secure your spot at Sad Summer, click here and buy your passes today.

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