Sad Summer is Ready to Sweep Dallas

     As the days inch closer and closer towards Sad Summer Fest, headliners Mayday Parade, The Maine, and State Champs prepare to hit the Gas Monkey Live stage starting July 5, right here in Dallas.

     Mayday Parade stopped in Dallas back in October of 2018 supported by Oh, Weatherly, William Ryan Key, and This Wild Life. Less than a year later, they find themselves back in Dallas with a new, emotional music video that came out May 29.

     The video for their song “Looks Red, Tastes Blue” off their 2018 album Sunnyland parallels the lives of eight individuals with the common string of loneliness and the strength to overcome it. In an interview for AltPress, the band explains that they wanted the message of this video to be that no one is ever alone and that this is especially not the case for fans of the band, because their music will always be there for them.

     “We wanted to make a video that connected all of you even more and Looks Red, Tastes Blue was the perfect song to give us that opportunity. No matter what you’re going through in life, we’re there for you.” Mayday Parade said in an Instagram post debuting their video.

     Though “Looks Red, Tastes Blue” definitely stands out from the rest of the songs on the album, the quality and momentum of the tracks don’t take a break. Sunnyland definitely has a wide spectrum of sound and style from tender ballads like “Piece of Your Heart,” “Take My Breath Away,” and “Stay the Same” to harder, more fast-paced songs like “If I Were You” and “Is Nowhere” that feature heavy guitar and pulsing drums.  

     It’s to be expected for any Mayday song or video to send its viewers and listeners dashing to the nearest box of tissues and contemplating bringing back out that flat iron and thick black eyeliner, but this video hits home in a different, new way that Mayday fans new and old can appreciate and headbang to.

     The Maine and their signature performance style and charm find themselves back in Dallas just a year after one of the last touring Vans Warped Tour shows. May 29 was a big day for both of the bands, as The Maine’s seventh album You Are OK debuted on the 29 as well.

     Kicking off the release with the single “Numb Without You,” the band sticks to their gloom pop style with jams like “Tears Won’t Cry” and “Broken Parts.” In the final stages of the album’s completion, the Maine explained through an Instagram video that creating an album has its ups and downs and holding themselves to a standard of excellence is not always easy.

     “While making records we put so much pressure on ourselves to make every song great and sometimes it takes a long time to feel like every song is up to par.” the Maine said.

     In an interview with The Noise, The Maine described songs off their album in one word, ranging from phrases like “to-the-point” for “My Best Habit” and “fast” for “Heaven, We’re Already Here.” This album evidently hit many different points for the bandmates themselves as well as the fans

     The Maine is notorious for their cult-like fanbase and their classic ensemble attire that keeps fans coming back for more show after show. Considering the band’s stellar entertainment abilities, their performance at Sad Summer will not be one to miss out on. To be prepared to scream every song this July, stream You Are Ok on any music platform now.

     State Champs will also be coming along on the Sad Summer tour. While their last release, Living Proof, came out just under a year ago, the band continues to keep fans on their toes with new merch drops, music video releases, and an enticing social media presence to top it all off.

     State Champs manages to keep a personal connection with fans through their YouTube series “Breakfast with Champs” where they casually interview members of other bands such as Awsten Knight of Waterparks or Collin Patrick Walsh of Grayscale over the classic roadie breakfast of some coffee, energy drinks, or donuts.

     State Champs’ third album Living Proof  features an array of other hit pop-punk artists such as Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182. With big names like these in the mix, it’s no wonder why the album received raving reviews from publications like Overdrive Magazine and It’s All Dead.

     Living Proof centers around the pop-punk roots of the rest of the band’s discography, filling listeners with nostalgia on tracks like “Dead and Gone” which creates a powerful anthem for anyone looking to move on from an unsettling past. This group undoubtedly knows how to pack a punch in a song, but captures a whimsical and soft tone in “The Fix Up” and “Time Machine.”
     With Dallas being the first stop on this groundbreaking tour sure to be filled with much more than just amazing music, it’s important to snag tickets now before it’s too late. To buy tickets, click here or stop by Sad Shop at Alliance Skate Park on June 17 for fee-free tickets.

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