DEDICATED : A Dallas Music Showcase Hosted by @hungoverwithv

Lindsey Kate/Maya Piata/Cameron Ray/Westbound Revival/Canaan Bryce/Samuel Marines/BJ Stricker

DEDICATED : A Dallas Music Showcase Hosted by @hungoverwithv

Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials, Frank Ray, Golden Week, BJ Stricker & The Kings, Samuel Marines Jr., Canaan Bryce, Westbound Revival, Cameron Matthew Ray, Maya Piata, Lindsey Kate

Sat Jul 28

Doors: 12:00 pm / Show: 12:30 pm (event ends at 10:15 pm)

Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill



This event is all ages

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12:30-1:30- Lindsey Kate

1:45-2:30-Maya Piata

2:45-3:30- Cameron Matthew Ray

3:45-4:30- Westbound Revival

4:45-5:30- Canaan Bryce

5:45-6:30- Samuel Marines Jr.

6:45-7:30- BJ Stricker & The Kings

7:45-8:15- Golden Week

8:30-9:15- Frank Ray

9:30–10:30– Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials

Dedicated - A Dallas Music Showcase
Dedicated - A Dallas Music Showcase

We have some incredible talent in the DFW area! Come hang out all day at GMBG and support your local artists!
Hungover With V
Hungover With V
"A pretty uplifting way to get through those bleary-eyed mornings." Dallas Observer (Thanks, Alan Ayo)

In October 2011, she was the sole citizen journalist live-streaming the events surrounding Occupy Dallas.

She is a supporter of local musicians and businesses within the Deep Ellum Community.

She's not afraid to say what's on her mind and her rants get longer and sexier every time...partially due to co-host Michael Morgan. That guy. So hot.
Booking Producer and co-host of Tuesday Morning Blend on KNON 89.3 FM. D/FW / Host/Emcee for Deep Ellum Arts Festival / Host/Emcee The Ghosty Awards / Host/Emcee FAMFEST - Judge for the Dallas Observer Music Awards 2017 - Local Talent Scout and Guru
Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials
Growing up in Dallas, Kirk was always surrounded by music. The 3-part harmony lessons from his father, coupled with the household soundtrack of soul giants, it seems he always knew what he would be doing with his life. “I can’t really remember a time when I wanted to be anything else. For a while there, it was the thing in my life that made the most sense.” Kirk gave an all or nothing push to start his career after stepping away from a percussion performance degree at age 19. Kirk used a series of coffee shops, bars, and college cafeterias to hone his writing into what it is now; his debut projects Born In The City and Only Love marked the beginning of his continuous pursuit for music that is real and timeless.

In 2014 Kirk formed a full band, Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials. The band’s music furthers this pursuit on a deeper level. KTAM’s sound is a well honed backbone of rock solid groove that has put them in front of world-renowned acts like Lee Fields, Marc Broussard, and Lauryn Hill.

People Change is the latest album from KTAM. Kirk looks to blur the lines between artist and activist with this upcoming release. “I don’t want to be afraid to make music and make change at the same time. I’ve become all too aware that saying nothing is saying something. No matter how high the times may get, the ground below you never moves. When you find yourself with your feet back on the ground, we’ll meet you there with the truth every time.”

Thurmond makes a conscious effort to point directly at “some major frustrations” that he has with people, but at its core, People Change is an album unity. “It’s a feel-good album about understanding yourself, and how it directly relates to knowing others.” Songs like the mysteriously groovy “All In A Vision” and the two movement title track “People Change”, hold true to the tradition of Soul/R&B by utilizing captivating rhythm and convicting lyrics, without contradiction.

People Change came to be through the birth of the air-tight ensemble, “The Millennials”. Alongside R&B Drum legend, Gino Iglehart (Erykah Badu, Kirk Franklin, Musiq Soulchild) Kirk put together a group of musicians for a one time show, after feeling the frustrations of solo work. The performance still stands as the “point of no return”, and started them on the path that would eventually lead to KTAM’s first studio album on British label, DefDisco.

“None of this is about re-inventing the wheel. If anything I want to restore a timeless quality to R&B/Pop music that made the music of my youth so meaningful.” Kirk’s efforts towards timeless music show through the traces of Bill Withers, Bonnie Rait, Stevie Wonder, and Earth Wind & Fire instantly recognizable from track to track. There’s even a tribute to the late Rod Temperton, a songwriter that shaped Kirk’s musical pallet from an early age. Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials are set to release People Change in the Spring of 2017.

Find Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials on iTunes, SoundCloud, Amazon, and Spotify.
Frank Ray - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Frank Ray
Rolling Stone Magazine has named him as one of 10 artists you need to know. This former police officer of 10 years left his full time job to pursue his passion as a country music singer. Leaving behind a stable career, he shares his talent with the world with what he calls the beginning of a Latino country movement. His solo debut EP “Different Kind Of Country” was released July of 2017 and his first single “Every Time You Run” broke top 10 of the Texas Country Radio charts and is currently sitting at #9. Ray has shared the stage with greats such as Keith Urban, Granger Smith, Josh Turner, Eli Young Band and the list goes on and on. Frank Ray grew up in San Antonio Texas but currently resides in Las Cruces, NM. Surrounded by the farm lands of New Mexico Ray’s inspiration to his song and EP titled “Different Kind Of Country” came from the Hispanic immigrant experience in America. He sings about the cherished values in Country Music including family, hard work, and the positive impact immigrant labor has in America’s agriculture. Only having known the band a few days, Frank Ray recorded his EP at world renowned Sonic Ranch Studios. The EP was produced and recorded in only two days. “There was instant chemistry the moment the band and I started jamming. It only took a couple of run throughs before we hit the record button.” says Ray. Since then the band has been hitting the road all over the United States from New York to Nevada. You can see all of the hard work, struggles and behind the scenes if you follow him on social media. He has taken social media by storm and has grown a massive following in just a short time. Changing the game, he vlogs every time he hits the road. Every episode is raw, from emotional struggles to high energy performances, Ray shows it all. You can clearly see the passion and dedication Ray and his band have for the project. “It’s a way for me to connect with the fans on a personal level sharing adventures on the road from heartfelt moments to funny conversations. The game is changing with how social media helps an artist develop and it is amazing to see what it has done for us so far.” says Ray.
With his first single topping the charts shortly after its release Ray doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. This is only the beginning.
Golden Week - (Set time: 7:45 PM)
Golden Week
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Tryst was formed in 2011 in Dallas, TX. Original members of the
band include John Milner, Willy Landers, and Brendan Blaney. They met while attending high school at a private academy in the Dallas area. The band has played at various venues throughout the area as well small acoustic gigs and continues to grow their music.

Currently, Brendan has moved to New York City to pursue a career in photography at Parsons The New School for Design. This decision has brought dynamic change to the members of the band. Original bassist, Willy Landers, has taken over the role as drummer; and a new bassist, Maston Lawyer, has taken the position permanently. All members former and current remain passionate for the overall vision of the band.
BJ Stricker & The Kings - (Set time: 6:45 PM)
BJ Stricker & The Kings
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Singer-songwriter BJ Stricker and his band The Kings’ music comes in the form of dynamic contrast in sound. Drawing from influences from folk and rock to blues and jazz fusion, the Dallas musician’s infectious tunes are derived from the very human struggles.

From Thom Yorke to Neil Young, Amos Lee to his biggest inspiration, Dave Matthews, Stricker’s sound and songwriting is eclectic and melodious. With musical musings coming at unexpected moments in life, his midnight melodies are faceted to make the listener feel a specific way. “I just need one really good line to start a ripple effect for the rest of the song,” he says, “then I allow the story and song to write itself.”

In addition to Stricker, “The Kings” include Ryan Dahir (sax), Connor Pickle (drums), David Wilson (guitar) and Patrick Smith (bass). Each raising the caliber of this Dallas musicianship, creating a sound unique to the Big D.
Samuel Marines Jr. - (Set time: 5:45 PM)
Samuel Marines Jr.
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Canaan Bryce - (Set time: 4:45 PM)
Canaan Bryce
Just a small town kid trying to live a small town dream
Westbound Revival
Westbound Revival
Hailing all the way from Bald Knob, Arkansas, Walter Franklin and Hunter West decided to start Westbound Revival after the break up of their older band SilverTounge. The band split due to members leaving and the change of direction the band wanted to take. We were moving forward and some of the other members weren’t able to do the same because of life obligations, but most people knew/know us by SilverTounge. Good things started to happen to us when we were in that band. A couple of big shows and then boom... we were in with a whole other crowd and scene that we had never been in before. That’s where our buddy Blake Allison from Egypt Central and Devour the Day comes in. Blake came to the bar we were playing at in Little Rock and heard us, all by random chance btw, and he really liked it. He approached Hunter and more or less told him he dug it and asked if we wanted to open up for his band at the Metroplex. That was the point when we knew we had to push this a little harder. After we played the first show we got asked to come back again and opened up for Red Sun Rising. These shows built the proper relationships needed to make us bring the band to life. Once the other members had left, we gathered ourselves. It took almost a year to realize we needed to change the name. Hunter and Walter weren’t gigging at the time so they looked for a new bass player. Where we come from it’s hard to find a good one, and if you do he’s usually just strictly a cover band bass player, so it took some time to find the right one.
Cameron Matthew Ray - (Set time: 2:45 PM)
Cameron Matthew Ray
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“Dallas Native, nationally touring artist Cameron Matthew Ray is a lyrical martyr. Cameron's lyrics boast a Melancholy, Brutally and Simple truth that pierces your musical skin. Ray is a seasoned vet when it comes to the singer/songwriter and Folk genres opening up for Veterans like, Griffin House, Andrew Belle, Gungor, Sean McConnell, and Foreigner. Rays newest project “Love & Space”, Produced by Taylor Tatsch (Maren Morris, Garret Owen) will leave you hurting and wanting more music at the same time”
Maya Piata - (Set time: 1:45 PM)
Maya Piata
Maya Piata is a young singer/songwriter who uses her eclectic background to mold her own, unique style by pulling inspiration from her hometown, New Orleans, alongside the rich culture of her New Zealand roots. After appearing on National Maori television, as well as a number of New Zealand radio stations, Maya has returned to Dallas with more vigor and motivation to write and perform than ever before - ultimately leading up to the release her debut EP, Sunny Days (release date TBA). Maya describes her sound as “Sunshine Soul”, mirroring her bubbly personality and endless list of musical influences, ranging from Lauryn Hill to Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder to Prince, from Sam Cooke to Michael Jackson and beyond.
Lindsey Kate - (Set time: 12:30 PM)
Lindsey Kate
A young girl with a voice full of soul and rock and roll. Playing covers from every generation as well as a few meaningful originals.
Venue Information:
Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
10261 Technology Blvd E
Dallas, TX, 75220