Drew Fish Band

Country Cruisers Presents

Drew Fish Band

Brandon Steadman, Holly Tucker

Fri Jun 15

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 12:00 am)

Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill


This event is 16 and over

$10 Advance & Day of Show/ $15 Premier Balcony/ $100 Premier Tables/ $400 Premier Cabanas

Drew Fish Band
Drew Fish Band
From the minute Cory Morrow pulled Drew up to play in front of a sold out crowd at the legendary Gruene Hall, Drew knew he was born to play music. Drew’s early piano training and devotion to song writing have contributed to his perfect musical storm. Soon after Grammy Award winner Lloyd Maines and Texas Country staple Cory Morrow encouraged Drew to put a band together, the newly formed Drew Fish Band was shaking the Blind Pig Pub and Hill's Cafe. Since then, the DFB has performed energy-filled live shows all over the Lone Star State in legendary venues including The Rustic in Dallas, Blue Light in Lubbock, Coupland Hall in Coupland, City Limits in Stephenville, Banita Creek Hall in Nacogdoches and Stubb’s when they return home. You can also catch them performing as guests on stage with friends Curtis Grimes and Shane Smith.

Texans are chauvinistic about their state because there is no place in the world that can hold a candle. Texas is friendly, self-reliant people, amazing beauty, and unique experiences. Drew's music captures the essence of Texas—floating down the Guadalupe River at Gruene, watching the surf roll in at Port Aransas, listening to the rhythm of a windmill in Lubbock, or eating a fried Twinkie at the State Fair with a girl who probably has the skills to win her own bear on the midway. You have to spend time in Texas to understand that a beautiful Texas girl you bring home to Momma is likely able to out-shoot and out-drink Daddy and out-sass and out-love Momma. Ok, you caught me. Nobody out-loves Momma.

With the musical influences of his friends, Cory Morrow, Reckless Kelly, and Thom Shepherd and the encouragement of Grammy-Award-winning producer and musician Lloyd Maines, Drew has honed his songs into a musical expression of Texas culture.

The Drew Fish Band’s irrepressible hit Irresponsible performed by co-author, Curtis Grimes, climbed to number 5 on the Texas Music Charts and the Texas Regional Radio Report. The band is aiming for the number one spot on the charts with their newest single,
Playin' with a Flame.

DFB’s debut EP, Playin' with a Flame, features talent who have cumulatively raked in 15 Grammy Awards. Produced by five-time-Grammy-Award-winning production genius Adam Odor, the EP includes appearances by five-time-Grammy-Award-winner Cindy Cashdollar on steel guitar and dobro, two-time-Grammy-Award-winner Jason Roberts on fiddle, Cody Braun of Reckless Kelly singing harmonies and Scott Davis of the Band of Heathens, formerly Hayes Carll, on banjo, accordion, and mandolin. Grammy Award winners Sarah and Shauna Dodds designed the album artwork.

The EP is loaded with songs that chronicle a life of love, accomplishment, happiness, and pain. Written by DFB’s drummer, Andrew Estrello, Small Price to Pay is a fun, up-beat expression that money isn’t as important as relationships. Drew wrote Baby Just Let Go about a girl too caught up in the pressures of life to appreciate the wonder every day brings. After playing a show in Kerrville, Drew and Bennett Brown (Shane Smith and the Saints) arrived back at Bennett’s place and realized that after hotel, gas, food, and drink tabs, they had spent more money on the show than they had actually made. They funneled their frustration into writing Poor. They take the credit, but that song really wrote itself. Drew and Gary Wilder, bass player for the Drew Fish Band, mixed the historically-accurate story of Gary’s legendary ancestor Wild Bill Hickock with music and Lone Star beer to come up with the title track, Playin’ with a Flame. You might get burned if you’re playin’ with a flame is a foundational message in country music—covering the unpredictable nature of love, sex, alcohol, gun-fighting, and choosing a career in music.

Whether it's the generation above him two stepping to Show Me Tonight or the younger generation ready for the next Three Day Weekend, audiences of all ages identify with the candid, insightful, sometimes rowdy songs of the Drew Fish Band.

Armed with the wisdom and advice of radio personalities, Drew teamed up with Clay Neuman of Vision Entertainment to push Playin’ with a Flame to radio. It has grabbed the attention of audiences and radio stations across the state. The DFB is reeling with gratitude to all of you for your support— hook, line, and sinker.
Brandon Steadman
Brandon Steadman
Every artist gets asked when it was they got the itch to play, well for Brandon Steadman he could give that credit to a random “Morrow Monday Night” at Antone’s in Austin. Steadman’s older sister snuck the then 17 year old in that night and the rest of the story unfolds from there.
“It was never about being a rockstar for me.” Steadman says, “it was the acoustic atmosphere, it was more the friends sitting around telling stories part that I liked, that’s what really gave me the bug to play.”
So at 17 he pulled out that old Junior Classical guitar that Dad bought him at 12 years old and took to learning as many chords as possible. Coming from a family of natural performers, him and his siblings were always harmonizing and acting up! Whether it was his mom’s country tastes like Randy Travis and Clay Walker, the occasional James Taylor song, or trips with his dad jamming southern rock classics from Lynryd Skynrd and Boston, there was always music playing throughout his life.
“It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that my dad finally let me quit playing that junior classical guitar and bought me my first ‘real’ guitar. That’s the guitar I started writing all my songs on. I give our lead guitarist and my best friend Jorge a lot of credit because he was about 6 months ahead of me on learning guitar and taught me a ton.”
Brandon will quickly tell you that his guitar playing wasn’t always welcome when he started college. “They use to say ‘here’s that dude with that guitar again’, but by sophomore year they actually would ask for me to play at the end of the night” The show that really turned the corner for the newly founded Brandon Steadman Band, was the “South of The Border” party at their Sigma Chi House. At that point they realized that this was meant to be more than just a place to have fun, but that music was in their blood.
At a random gig, Brandon Steadman had the opportunity to meet Kevin Lorensen. The off chance meeting turned into a lifelong partnership between the two. What was supposed to be less than a handful of shows to fill in, turned a permanent position and a huge step in the right direction for the band. “Kevin had toured in bands previously and really knew a lot more than us and brought more professional knowledge to the table that we really didn’t know” recalls Steadman.
Not long after the addition of Lorensen, the band made a trip to Austin to record its first album “Front Row Seat”. “We spent all we had on that album and it was good, well as good as a first record can be, but I’ll tell you, it’s the best record that you’ll never be able to get again — and I mean that!” The new record opened up opportunities outside of the college bar circuit, helping land gigs in the Historic Stockyards and all over the state of Texas.
The next few years became the true test of growth and craftsmanship. Brandon took to studying the craft of songwriting and wore out albums from all his favorite influencers; Wade Bowen, James Taylor, Clay Walker, Will Hoge and Sean McConnell. A chance to gig with Joey Green helped put gasoline on the fire that Brandon was creating. “We really had different styles — writing, personality and everything, so the fact that we became such good friends is a mystery to me” says Steadman. But that’s exactly what the band needed to get the next album, “Recovery”, in motion.
“Recovery” was set to be an organic record and truly took form trough out the recording process. “We really didn’t want to rush anything. We wanted to build it as it happened and if it wasn’t working, we didn’t want to force the issue on anything. We didn’t want to make another “Texas Country” record. We wanted to make sure we made a “Brandon Steadman Band” record, and lucky for us — Joey got that and offered to produce the record for us”.
The past two years have been a wild ride for the Brandon Steadman Band. Signing on with newly founded Black Bear Management to handle their management and promotion and inking a deal with Smith Entertainment, things are really moving in the right direction for this group of musicians
Holly Tucker
Holly Tucker
In a music genre where a great story is key and a sense of genuineness is as important as an artist’s vocal prowess, 24-year-old Holly Tucker is emerging on the Texas Country Music scene as one to watch. Her voice has been described by Blake Shelton as “the most effortless, accurate, and powerful voice” the top-charting country music star has ever heard. That, coupled with Holly’s down-to-earth personality evident in both her lyrics and performances is fast moving Holly’s music onto charts and into hearts in Texas and beyond.

“I may be young but I know who I am and what I stand for, especially when it comes to creating country music,” the Waco native says. “I’m real and it’s important that my music is too.” Perhaps nowhere is that more evident than on Holly’s first full-length album entitled “Steel”, released in early 2016. Songs such as “Knock-off”, “Dallas On Your Boots”, and “Steel”, for which the album is named, unequivocally embody this idea that a young woman today can be both tough and vulnerable.

Holly Tucker’s musical roots run deep and wide, her musical story beginning even before she was born. Holly is the youngest of three, born to Johnny and Cheryl Tucker, founders of the eighties Christian band, Revised Edition. Holly grew up singing in the church and performing on various stages and at fairs and festivals around Texas. At age 14, Holly recorded her first full-length CD entitled ‘It’s about Time’. A year later she lent her voice to demos in Nashville, and, by the age of 17, had recorded a second full-length CD. As a freshman, at Baylor University in 2012, Holly was selected as an artist for a student-run record label and recorded an all-original 3-song EP entitled “Something To Be Said.”

In June 2013, Holly entered the national music conversation, when she rose to the Top 6 out of 40-thousand people who auditioned on Season 4 of NBC TV’s hit music reality show, The Voice. Holly, on Team Blake Shelton, was one of only seven contestants to receive an impressive “4-chair-turn”.

Since starring on The Voice, Holly has made over 500 personal appearances in 14 states and 2 countries, including Uganda, where she became the first American Country Music Artist to appear in support of the only country music radio voice on the continent of Africa. In the last three years, Holly has made over fifteen trips to Nashville to record, co-write, and perform with some of the best in the country music industry.

Currently, with her focus on the Texas country music scene, Holly has released three singles to Texas Regional Radio. All have charted in the top 100, including ‘Wax Paper Cups” a duet with popular Texas country artist, Ray Johnston of the Ray Johnston Band, and “You’re In Texas”, which rose to #44 on the TRRR Top 100. Holly's current single, "Dallas on Your Boots", is climbing the Texas charts and promises to be Holly’s most successful radio release to date. Additionally, Holly released the official DOYB music video mid-2017 and it was featured on the Country Rebel Facebook page and Great American Country (GAC). In the last year, Holly has opened for well-loved and respected artists such as Tracy Byrd, Willie Nelson, Neal McCoy, Restless Heart, Linda Davis, Clint Black, the Oakridge Boys, Kevin Fowler, Koe Wetzel, Stoney LaRue, Parker McCollum, Ray Johnston, Hudson Moore, and more. She is currently on tour in Texas and the southern region with her band on the Steel Tour.

Recently, Holly has been blessed to receive several honors in the Texas music scene. She entered the Texas Music Pickers Songwriter Competition and of the 63 entries, she rose to the top as the 2017 TMP Top Pick Songwriter. Holly was also nominated for the 2017 ETX Music Awards in 7 categories and ended up winning four awards for Song of the Year (You're In Texas), Music Video of the Year (You're In Texas), Songwriter of the Year, and most special of all, Female Vocalist of the Year. In addition, Holly has most recently been voted the Texas Country Music Association (TCMA) 2017 Female Vocalist of the Year.

In addition to playing venues of all sizes and various types, Holly has a big heart for giving back, in particular as taking on a new role as the spokesperson for a local McLennan County organization, the Community Cancer Association. Holly especially loves sharing her background, experience, and the personal stories that have defined who she is today and who she hopes to be tomorrow with children and young adults at schools, camps, group homes, and hospitals.

Holly is a proud Baylor University alum with a degree in Communications. She resides in Waco, Texas.

“Texas Country Music is a beautiful world,” the Waco, Texas native says. “I happily and proudly invite my family, friends, and fans to join me on this musical journey that I feel so fortunate to be on.”
Venue Information:
Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
10261 Technology Blvd E
Dallas, TX, 75220