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Millennial Reign, Redline Drive

Fri Jun 1

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Heavy metal certainly has no shortage of rebels. It seems like everybody’s rebelling against something, and that’s part of the genre’s allure. However, the most rebellious thing anybody can do is hold steadfast to personal beliefs and never waver. Stryper indisputably do both.
They’re not shy about their Christian beliefs, but they’re also consistently as heavy as any of the genre’s pillars. Following up 2013’s seminal opus No More Hell To Pay, which debuted at #6 on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums Chart and #2 on the Christian Albums Chart, their eleventh full-length original album, Fallen [Frontiers Music SRL], is their heaviest offering to date.
“In the past 30 years, we’ve evolved into what we are now,” says vocalist and guitarist Michael Sweet. “This is what we always really wanted to be. I love the progression. The story of Stryper is that of an underdog. We go against the grain with everything we do. This album is another chance to show the world what we can do.”
In early 2015, Michael and his band mates Robert Sweet [drums], Oz Fox [guitar], and Tim Gaines [bass] retreated to Spirithouse Recording Studio in Northampton, MA. The four musicians collectively immersed themselves in the recording process for Fallen with Michael handling production yet again.
“There’s something to be said for the chemistry of a whole band in the studio together,” he continues. “We were there living and breathing this record, and I feel like the results speak for themselves.”
Album opener “Yahweh” certainly does. Penned with Clint Lowery of Sevendust and Call Me No One, the six-minute plus anthem fuses tight thrash guitars with soaring vocals and a galloping beat. Airtight solos nearly collide with an orchestral refrain bolstered by a muscular groove.
“It’s an epic unlike anything we’ve ever recorded,” smiles Michael. “I was so moved by The Passion of the Christ. Even though it was bloody and disturbing, it represented what actually happened. I wanted the lyrics to be the same way.”
At the same time, the first single “Pride” weaves together intricate fretwork with a slamming refrain that seesaws between swooning and searing. “Sometimes, pride gets in the way of what we want to accomplish or what we want to do,” he sighs. “Everybody goes through that. It’s my reminder saying, ‘Let’s not allow pride to tear us apart.’ Nine times out of ten, that is what separates us. Beat our pride down, and we will survive.”
“All Over Again” stands out as the album’s centerpiece. With an orchestral elegance and an ever so slightly countrified swing, the track sits proudly in the Stryper canon alongside the likes of “Honestly.” “It isn’t a hair ballad or a piano ballad,” he laughs. “It’s different, and that’s important to us. I have a funny feeling this might be a standout track for everyone.”
Following a tradition of some bombastic and bruising covers, Stryper also tackled Black Sabbath’s classic “After Forever.” The foursome infused a new kind of fire into this timeless gem. “We grew up on Black Sabbath,” he says. “It says something. Stryper covering a Sabbath tune causes much controversy. The lyrics are very interesting because it questions if Sabbath was a Christian band or not. They could have been the first Christian group if you take a closer look at those lyrics.”
Stryper continue to remain metal stalwarts, leaving an indelible mark on the genre with every subsequent album. With hits in their arsenal such as “Calling On You”, “Free”, “I Believe In You” and “Always There For Your,” album sales exceed over 10 million worldwide with their discography including one of the most successful Christian rock albums ever, 1986’s multi-platinum, Grammy Award-nominate To Hell With The Devil. They also have the distinction of being the first band in history to notch two songs in MTV’s Top 10 with “Free” and “Honestly.”
Ultimately, for all the heaviness, Fallen possesses the power to uplift. What’s more rebellious than that?
Michael leaves off, “I want everybody to walk away with excitement, encouragement, and joy. It’s all positive. It’s not about being heavy or dark. It’s about sharing this energy. I hope they press the ‘repeat’ button and feel blown away.”
That’s exactly what all the best heavy metal does.
Millennial Reign
Millennial Reign
Millennial Reign was formed as a solo CD project by ASKA Bassist, Dave Harvey. Writing for the album began in 2010 as Dave searched for the right vocalist and drummer. Bryan Diffee who had worked with Dave in a prior band a few years earlier was recruited to play drums. Once a solid drummer was secured, Trae Doss came on board to write and record vocals. All guitar, bass and key tracks for Millennial Reign's debut self titled album were written and recorded by Dave Harvey. The album was recorded at The Recovery Room Studio with engineer Ty Sims and released indepedently in 2012.

A year or so passed and Dave decided to start writing material for the second album. Trae and Bryan weren't available to work on the sophomore album so Dave began searching for a vocalist as music writing continued. James Guest of the muliple album project Eden's Realm replied to an online ad and it was soon obvious that he was definitely the right guy for the job.

As writing between both Dave and James began, Wayne Stokely who had worked with Dave in various projects was recruited to record drums. After some discussion as things progressed, the decision was made to make Millennial Reign a full band, rather than just a recording project.

Several bass players were auditioned and Daniel Almagro, who works with Wayne in their powermetal band Infidel Rising was chosen. Once Daniel was on board, full band rehearsals began as they continued the search for the right second guitarist.

Months of rehearsals went by with several spuradic guitarist auditions, and the final member Jason Donnelly was chosen as second guitarist. Wayne, Daniel and Jason were all a perfect fit and things began moving forward at a great pace.

Once recording was finished, mix and mastering took place at Nomad Studio with engineers JT Longoria and Gary Long. A deal was made with Swedish label Ulterium Records for an October 30th release in both Europe and North America for the new album Carry The Fire.

Any fan of Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Judas Priest and Crimson Glory will not be dissappointed with this new album. Millennial Reign should be in any collection of melodic or traditional powermetal.
Redline Drive
Redline Drive
Redline Drive started in early 2012. Frontman Scott Kimes started things off with local Dallas guitarist Brad McCain. Their inspiration was to form a band in the likes of many of the iconic 80's / late 70s rock bands. In 2012 the band played their first show in front of a sell out crowd at the 2012 War of Rock band competition in hopes to win a shot to go on the "2012 Rockin Red Carpet Tour" with Vince Neil of Motley Crue, which was following the current 2012 Kiss/Motley Crue tour. Redline Drive had been a band for just 2 short weeks and entered in the competition with some of the top 15 DFW based bands. In the end Redline Drive placed 2nd place. The show was also being judged by Mark Slaughter from the 80's band "Slaughter." Through out 2012 Redline Drive was seen with Vince Neil and shortly afterwards played with Tracii Guns (co-founder of bands: Guns and Roses, and LA Guns).
In 2015 Redline Drive came out with a big bang with Scott Kimes and Brad McCain adding changes to the previous lineup of the band. They brought in well known guitarist Johnny Stallion to the group as well as Carols Silva, a very experienced and well put together bass player, and the last ingredient, Drew Dye from Alabama on drums.
In the summer of 2015 they went on to play with Micheal Sweet of Stryper at Tree's in Dallas Texas, and two weeks later played side stage at Gexa Energy Pavilion next to Def Leppard, Tesla, and Styx.

The reviews from Gexa Energy Pavilion quoted, "Redline Drive had set the attendance record for any side stage act to ever perform side stage at our event venue at 658 people in attendance!"

In late 2015 Redline Drive was nominated for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards for their song "I'll Wait For You," in 8 different categories.

In early 2016 Redline Drive hosted their release of their EP "Friciton." The album contained songs:
Cowgirl Up
She Makes Me Lose It
I'll Wait For You
Black Soul Woman

In March 2016, Redline Drive released their second song "Black Soul Woman" hitting the national rock radio charts top 50 nationwide.
In late March 2016 Redline Drive sold out Fort Worth TX based venue "The Rail Club" co-headlining with national band Saving Abel"

In April 2016 their song "Cowgirl Up," was being announced to be nominated for the 50th CMA Awards crossing the band over into the country music nation.

In July 2016 Redline Drive was invited to open for legendary 80s rock sensation Stryper at Gas Monkey Live. The show attendance was just under 2000 people with Redline Drive opening up the night.

Today Redline Drive is still working on the craft that was the intentional inspiration of the band, and is looking to play bigger and bigger shows each year!

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Venue Information:
Gas Monkey Live!
10110 Technology Blvd
Dallas, TX, 75220