$5 F**k It Friday!

May 12th, 2017

It’s “F**k It” Friday! TODAY ONLY a limited number of tickets to select shows are just $5! Check the full line up of concerts on offer:

BALLYHOO!​ 6/6 ticketf.ly/2nfiJZP

Okilly Dokilly​ 5/18 ticketf.ly/2ov192X

Dennis Quaid​ & The Sharks 5/20 ticketf.ly/2p219rV

Teebs​ 5/21 ticketf.ly/2pZUjr8

3teeth​ 5/28 ticketf.ly/2r9EAmM

Mutoid Man​ 6/12 ticketf.ly/2qaqaEs

The Swon Brothers​ 6/16 ticketf.ly/2ofiIYX

The Doors Hotel 6/17 ticketf.ly/2qJCycg

OTHERWISE​ 7/5 ticketf.ly/2oEGtJA

Cas Haley​ 7/7 ticketf.ly/2r84tmf